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Alcohol and Drug Related Offense

Public Intoxication

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Domestic Violence

Assault and Battery


Possession of Marijuana

Possession & Manufacture of 

Controlled Substances

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In the following Courts:

Municipal Courts of:
Orange Beach

Gulf Shores








District and Circuit Courts

of Baldwin County

      I am Harold Callaway, a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience. I know how to structure an argument and a case to put my client in the best light possible. I build relationships that allow me to work more efficiently and more effectively for my clients. I also know exactly what it takes to analyze a case and the weaknesses and strengths of the prosecutor's case to custom-craft a result for each client.

       Whatever you are being charged with, chances are good that I've helped someone in a similar situation. I will draw on this experience, as well as the facts of your specific situation, to help the authorities see you as the good person you are so we can minimize the punishment you may face.  Whether teenagers or adults, People need help to minimize the penalties they face and they need someone to present them to the prosecution or the court as the good people they are.

       To Mitigate is to make less severe, serious, or painful.  When good people find themselves in tough situations as a result of mistakes they have made or as a result of false accusations, minimizing (or mitigating) the penalties they face is the most important thing an attorney can do. Together, we will present the authorities (including the police, prosecutor and the court) with a solid base from which to give you the break we are looking for. I will fight hard to show the prosecutor's office and/or the court that you deserve another chance.

Providing You With Aggressive Advocacy At Trial

      As the prosecutors in the area know my belief in mitigation, they do not harbor any bad feelings toward me. For this reason, I am in a great position to negotiate on your behalf to minimize the penalties you may face. However, no matter how much mitigating evidence we provide, sometimes prosecutors' offers are simply too harsh or nonexistent. In those situations, or when you are innocent, we team with experienced litigators who can take your case to trial and zealously fight to protect your rights.

Going Beyond The Courtroom To Give You The Help You Need

      Though my primary duty is that of a lawyer, I approach every case with the full intent to help my client as much as possible. That means dedicating myself to shaping how the prosecutor sees your case and achieving a positive result — but it also means that I am here to help you find assistance if you have an underlying cause for your legal situation (i.e., physical, emotional or psychological). I have an excellent team of independent care providers whom I can call upon and who will be excellent experts to testify at trial or sentencing.

Contact Me, a Baldwin County DUI Attorney

      From my office in Orange Beach, Alabama, I am ideally situated to serve many local clients, as well as those visiting from out of town. I am familiar with the laws, prosecutors and judges and can help you through this difficult time. We will talk about your situation and how I can help you frame your case and mitigate the penalties. 

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